Got Questions?


What do I get for my monthly subscription?

3 bottles of objectively reviewed, great wine, tailored to your taste and delivered to your door! Along with this you will also receive fun and easy to follow tasting cards.

Can I choose between all white wines, all red and mixed?

Of course :). When you subscribe, there is an option to select all white, all red or mixed. You can update this preference at any time by contacting the Clara Team.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Clara subscription at any time from our “My Account” page on the online portal.
Requests for cancellation need to be made before the 27th of the previous month, otherwise you will be charged for that month.

Can I buy someone a Clara Wine Club Membership as a Gift?

What a great idea! Head to the gift section of our website for more details.

Do you have a referral programme?

Not just yet, but we are working on it! A referral programme is in pipeline, so watch this space!

Our Wines

How do you select wines for Clara?

There is an incredible global community of 35 million+ wine lovers reviewing millions of wines, new and old, on Vivino, Wine-Searcher and other great wine resources. Clara tracks down the wines with consistently great reviews, and uses this data to remove any wines that don’t objectively score well.

What wines will I get? Can I choose the wines in my box?

The wines you are delivered are selected for you by Clara’s algorithm, based on your personal taste preferences as defined by the quiz. You will receive a different selection of wines each month. You can choose whether you receive all red, all white or a mixture of red and white when subscribing, and can update your preference at any time by contacting the Clara Team.

Can I order more of the wines I love?

Not just yet, but we are working on it!

Why do you select wines this way?

We want to remove the subjectivity. There’s an amazing world of data out there and our belief is that an objective analysis of the data can consistently choose great quality and great value better than any single expert can. The fact is, if lots of passionate wine fans consistently love a wine the chances are you will too.

How do I report a corked or damaged bottle?

Please contact the Clara Team. As part of our Quality Guarantee, we will provide a replacement or refund.

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

If you don’t enjoy a bottle of wine sent to you, let us know by dropping us an email at hello@clarawine.com and we’ll send you a different one. It’s as simple as that!


My Clara Wine box has not arrived within the estimated delivery time.

If your order has not arrived by the 28th of the month, please contact the Clara Team.

Can I skip a delivery?

Your Clara Wine Club membership is flexible and you can skip any delivery, as long as you send the request by the 27th of the previous month, otherwise you will be charged for that month. To skip a delivery please contact the Clara Team.

When will I receive my wines?

Clara Wine boxes are delivered between the 19th and 28th of each month. If you sign up for a Clara Wine Subscription after the 22nd of the month, you will receive your first delivery the following month.

Can I change the delivery address for my Clara Wine box?

Providing you give us enough notice, we can update your delivery address permanently or redirect a single delivery to a different address. Please contact the Clara Team.

What will happen to my Clara delivery if I am not in to receive it?

A card will be left with a phone number to call to arrange an alternative time. Instead, you may wish to tell us if there is somewhere safe to leave the wines (e.g. with a neighbour or in a shed): use the Special Delivery Instructions box located on your “My Account” page or contact the Clara Team.