The Clara Wine Tribes, The Perfect Dozen

With so much choice and complexity wine is the perfect
challenge for Clara’s algorithm

Discover your Wine Tribe

Take the Clara Quiz and discover your wine profile, mapped across our 12 Wine Tribes.


This is like the Hogwarts Sorting Hat in Harry Potter: it’s not definitive, but rather directional, and it’s based on what’s in your head as you respond to the questions.

What are the Clara Wine Tribes?

The Clara Wine Tribes have been developed to cluster like minded, and like palated tasters under different banners, reflecting what they tend to enjoy in the world of flavour, aroma and taste.


The world of wine is nuanced and varied, but there are traits that are common to them all, and these can be loosely mapped out. As there are lots of parameters that exist for defining wine, there can be some overlap, and also variation, so this makes exploration a lot of fun.

White wines


Derived from their linear nature; these are noted for lithe structure rather than flesh

In a word: lean         In 2 words: pure and crisp

Characteristics of the Sleekster:
This tribe embraces crisp whites which have vivid fruit purity. They like their wines quite lean, and can sometimes bear a buttock clencher.


Derived from the famous artist, who was not afraid of flesh

In a word: curvaceous        In 2 words: round and ripe

Characteristics of the Rubenster:
This tribe like some body in their white wine, and enjoy the nudge of ripe fruit notes. They can take texture and richness, but are not big lovers of blocky oak flavours.


Comes from a sense of opulence

In a word: big         In 2 words: cake trolley

Characteristics of the Lushter:
Lushter types have a sense of decadence. Their wine choices have ripe and tropical flavours and can have a dollop of oak in the form of vanilla characters. The wines often feel creamy, and warm you to your toes. Some can even taste like Turkish delight.


After the art movement which hides, changes and moves things around to express fresh ideas

In a word: evocative         In 2 words: deep and reserved

Characteristics of the Expressionist:
Expressionists are not looking for the obvious and accessibly fruity; they like to search a wine and wait for it to reveal layers. The wines can be subtle and sometimes funky, but never dull.

Red wines


So named as these snap you into the moment, with their freshness and fruit

In a word: fresh         In 2 words: crisp and pure

Characteristics of the Snapper:
This tribe like long lunches. They enjoy mid-day drinking and can benefit from crisp red wine with mouth-watering red fruits and light tannins. They appreciate energetic rather than muscular wines.


Comes from the sense of a tactile, warm and inviting fabric

In a word: bold         In 2 words: smooth and plush

Characteristics of the Velveteer:
This tribe embraces bold and ripe wines that can pack high alcohols, but have the intensity for dark fruit and ripe and sturdy tannins to carry it.


There is a sense of the outdoor, of undergrowth and wood, and sturdy structures and muddy boots

In a word: earthy         In 2 words: savoury & spiced

Characteristics of the Woodlander:
These tough mudders like meaty and developed characters. These are wines with muscle and personality and nobody minds a touch of sweaty saddle if it’s there.


Comes from the idea of the muse; a thing to be admired and observe developing

In a word: intriguing         In 2 words: reserved and cerebral

Characteristics of the Museter:
This tribe like wines with balance and interest, tannins may have softened with age or still show some angularity, but they have hallmark of reserved fruit, hidden depths and suggestion of spice.

Sparkling wines


Inspired by clear and sparkling gemstones; diamond lovers sit well here.

In a word: elegant         In 2 words: crisp and citrus

Characteristics of the Dazzler:
These like an excuse (but can live with-out one) to pop a cork whenever they can; they are fans of light champagnes and like clean and vivid wines. They exude an afterglow.


To flourish is to grow and develop, and development is the key note here in this cluster of bubblies.

In a word: evolved         In 2 words: biscuit & buns

Characteristics of the Flourisher:
The flourishers like to see progress, and they love to get the back story. They like their fizz to have a little more than fruit (though that is good too) and enjoy some length and complexity on n the palate.


It’s fizzy, fresh, sometimes floral; sometimes fruity and always fun. Full of the good “f” words.

In a word: refreshing         In 2 words: light & floral

Characteristics of the Fizzler:
They have energy to burn and prone to partying. The like fresh and upfront ripe characters, with light body and a touch of sweetness. No nonsense, and all about fun. On a good day, can augment sunshine.



This is the home for those who won’t fit into a neat box, and the other tribes. They are out there and have yet to land.

In a word: experimental         In 2 words: mixed tastes

Characteristics of the Orbiter:
These members are open to lots of different experiences, and preferences can be quite mood or circumstance driven. They may like big bold steaks and subtle park scents, so they are not easy to pin on palate structure elements.